Rockwall Rotary Club Finds New Way to Honor Local Students
During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have understandably allowed limited interaction on campuses during the school day, which has changed the way we as Rotarians honor our local students. They’re no longer able to attend our weekly lunch meetings off campus to accept their Student of the Week awards in person. So to ensure the recognition program continues during this increasingly challenging year, Rockwall Rotary members got creative.
The schools still choose the students, like they did before, but now because the process is more complicated to facilitate, it’s a monthly recognition. The winning student is recorded on video accepting their award, which is then shared at the next meeting for all to enjoy. It’s admittedly a slightly less personal process than in years past—cheering the students on in person with a standing ovation for their accomplishments, but the new way is still touching nonetheless. And it’s a great way to preserve an age-old Rockwall Rotary tradition. Here’s the link to the latest Student of the Month video.